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April 4, 2012:
Teacup pigs get certified as pets on the same order as dogs and cats by many condo boards, until they reach a certain size.


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What is a Teacup Pig?

Learn how to adopt teacup pigs and where to get them

The Tea cup Pig pet craze is becoming more prominent as people become familiar with the intelligence and charm of these little creatures. As a standard warning, teacup pigs do not stay that size forever, so they should not be construed as a fashion accessory in the same manner as Chihuahuas.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teacup_pig Also known as miniature pigs, teacup pigs were originally developed and used for medical research and the pet market. In European countries, teacup pigs and potbellied pigs have been kept as pets for some time prior to being introduces in the US in the 80s. A similar pig kept as a pet, the Vietnamese potbellied pig, was a craze in the 1990s. Why do people keep these little pigs? For one thing, they have a higher intelligence quotient than dogs and cats, but they are less likely to jump up on shelves than cats, and aren’t as loud as dogs. They are generally clean animals (despite the view of pigs in mud) and have a different personality than traditional dogs and cats. Teacup pigs also don’t grow to the enormous size that farm pigs do.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Teacup pigs aren't cute forever and they deserve the same respect that other pets do, so don't start looking up recipes when the pig becomes a little big or less attractive.